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Reusable Gift Bag SAL Week 2 – Constructing the bag

Are you ready?

You’ve shopped your stash or the LQS for fabric, and you have your ribbon supplies. You’re ready to start making some bags ready for this Christmas.

Watch the video below, in it I make one bag. I would recommend making all the bags cut from same or similar fabric as an assembly line. This way you will be able to sew all the seams with the same stitch, I used an overlocking stitch, then change the stitch and machine foot to complete the remainder of the sewing. Much faster than doing it one by one.

Then, if you have another set in other colours, they can be the next time you have a few minutes to make another couple of bags.

Reusable Gift Bag SAL, sewing the bag text
Sewing a Reusable Gift Bag

Click here to go to the instruction video

How much time does it take?

I have timed myself and I can make 3 bags in 10 minutes. This is from cut pieces to finished bags. The fabric was already cut and my ribbon lengths were also cut to size.

They are pretty quick, s really no need to rush, this is just to give you an idea that you can make a few up when you have a small amount of time to spare. If you have a few minutes at other times maybe prep some for the next sewing session.

The main thing is to have fun. Enjoy the creating and have them ready for gift giving in about 6 weeks, or maybe throughout the year. I plan to make some for during the year, birthdays and other special days.

Gift shopping

Have you started your gift shopping yet? I know a few who have, either online or at some sales. I am yet to get organised, thought I did snag a few items earlier in the year as potential gifts for Christmas.

I am choosing to be quite thoughtful in gifts this year, not just something that collects dust but that will be used and enjoyed. There are various philosophies when it comes to gift giving. I believe we are a fairly well off society, so I enjoy the process of finding something that I think the recipient will enjoy.

Your challenge?

Should you choose to take it up, the challenge is to make as many bags as you need for gift giving for the Christmas season and/or throughout the year.

We’re making all November, how many can you make?

Need the link to the pattern? Here it is

Want to make some name tags to go with the bags? Here’s that pattern

Have fun, I can’t wait to see your Reusable Gift Bags.

Please use the #ssqgiftbagSAL so I can see them.

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