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Reusable Gift Bag SAL Let’s Go!

Hooray, let’s get requirements ready for sewing.

I want to share the basic requirements you need to make some gorgeous gift bags.



What you need to SAL


Each length of fabric makes 3 bags, so go ahead and think about the number of gifts you plan to give, consider the ones that are the size that these bags will fit. Then you will know how many length of fabric to get.

I even gave a set of these bags as a gift. I made a set of 9 bags and wrapped them in one of the set. Voila! gift and wrapping in one.


Choose fabric you love if you are making for your family or yourself. Choose fabric you are happy to give away if you are making to include as a gift. Choose fabric that suits the types of gifts you give, are you making gift bags for during the year, birthdays etc, probably Christmas prints might not work for these.


Be aware of the quality of fabric you choose. The fabric quality will affect how your project looks and feels. This is true for any project.


Consider the colour of the fabric. Fabric with a pale colour or background can allow the colour of the gift to show through. Not really an issue unless you don’t want the recipient to be able to read the title of that book you bought for them…


Coordinating thread or contrasting thread. Totally your choice and depends on your fabric and your own style. Maybe your fabric is multicoloured, maybe it’s plain and a contrast thread will add some detail, match your ribbon to the thread, the possibilities are endless.

You may even choose a thicker thread for the top hem and make a real feature out of it. Go for a 30wt thread or a jeans weight topstitch thread.


Our favourite ribbon size to use is a 10mm wide satin that you can easily get from your local craft store or a chain store like Spotlight, Lincraft, Joann’s or Hobby Lobby. I will admit to buying from a discount store in my local mall, the reels are around $2 for 10m. That’s pretty good economy.

I have used a fine 3mm ribbon as well as a wider 20mm ribbon. The latter I think is getting a bit wide and doesn’t sit as nicely.

Keep in mind that these are not high use items and the ribbon need not be super high quality.

Sewing Machine

The gift bags could be sewn by hand, but it will be much faster on the sewing machine. I can whip up a set of 3 in about 10mins, that’s doing batch sewing where I sew all the seams one after another, then the bottoms, then then change the foot and do the corners and the hems. In a short space of time we can have 3 bags completed and ready to use.

Be familiar with your machine so you can switch between the feet and the stitches used easily and quickly. I used an overlocking or overcast stitch and straight stitch. My usual stitch length is 2 for these bags.

Nothing fancy required – your sewing machine need not have all bells and whistles for this project. Straight and zig-zag stitch are the basics, and I have even made some with just straight stitch. Remember we said they were not high use items, once a year at Christmas, maybe a couple of times if it’s used for a birthday.

Happy Shopping or Stash Diving

I hope you have been thinking of some fabric you have already or something you wish to purchase to make the bags in.

Go find some gorgeous ribbon to coordinate and you’ll be set for sewing the bags.


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