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sisterhood QAL

A lovely quilty friend has a quilt along under way and asked for some help sharing the blocks and the fun of the Sisterhood QAL.

I have shared the Sisterhood QAL in our newsletter a few times but I have chosen my fabric and made my block and it’s ready to share with you all.

The Sisterhood QAL has recently started but you can still join in, the emails are weekly and the blocks are gorgeous and overall, quick to make.

Tammy and Kate have used a gorgeous tange of teals and purples in their quilt top, I do like how these colours play well together.

Join the Sisterhood QAL here

My fabric

I was casting around my studio thinking I must have some fabric here that I have enough of to make this entire project. I am trying to use what I have in the studio and not purchase if I can avoid it. If you know my studio, there is plenty of fabric here already… Did I say that out loud?! Tbh it is very true.

I came upon the leftovers from my 2020 #100days100blocks quilt, which is still to be pieced and quilted. There is enough of this fabric I think to do all the blocks.

I picked out the greys to use as backgrounds

Then I chose these ones for the block, but I think I should have added a black print in there too, if there’s enough I may redo this block but we will wait til the end.

This is what else is leftover.

The range is called Bee Joyful by Deb Strain for Moda

My completed block – Gladys (Block 24)

i was going for a graded colour from the centre out, lightest to darkest, perhaps some black might have been a good contrast in this block though.

Special women in my life

There are many women who come to mind that fill this category.

My Mum who has done so many things and just keeps keeping on. There is so much more to that statement, just know she is a strong Mumma.

My MIL who has dealt with all that life throws at her with a quiet strength, again much more this story.

My friends who never give up, give in or lay down for long. They fall down 7 times and get up 8.

Find your tribe and love them well. We all need a group of friends who are there to support us and cheer us on, ready with a tissue and a shoulder or a shovel to bury the body if required (totally kidding but the sentiment is real). Make time for them and your relationships will be source of joy.

I am thankful for my tribe of 3 gorgeous girlfriends here in my home town and another 2 who are my get-together gals that  live elsewhere but are basically family, for my quilty business bestie that became a close friend and a voice of encouragement.

Happy Creating,


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