Christmas Sewing Project

Wrapping Paper!

I love the look of it but I really don’t like the cleaning up or the waste, even if it can go into the recycling bin.

My solution?

Re-Usable Gift Bags.

I wrote this a couple of years ago and it’s a free pattern on our website. You can easily download the file to make your own.

Imagine a Christmas tree with these great gift bags in a variety of Christmas fabric filling the space underneath…  There are such gorgeous Christmas fabrics around these days.

You know the great thing is that it literally takes minutes to wrap gifts!

Did I mention they were re-usable?

Yep, each and every year. Add to your collection and keep using them, you’ll pretty much never need to buy paper again.


The pattern shows you 2 sizes to make which were designed around a book or DVD, and the smaller one for a CD.

Once you have made a few you’ll get the idea and feel free to adjust for a different gift. I’ve made some smaller one which would suit a jewellery gift or other such small item.

If you want to look at a bigger bag, check out the pattern for the ‘No Peeking Christmas Gift Bags’   

Bonus Idea!

Make these all year for a gift bag for any present you have to give.  Use a feature fabric for the recipient or a generic fabric and make some in advance.

Name Tags for the bags!

Stitch a few each year to build up the supply, a couple for each person. Perfect to keep up the reusable theme.  Name tags can be found here.

Have fun and I hope you’ll tag me when you make them, either use @sunflowerquilting or #ssqreusablegiftbags  #ssqnametags #ssqnopeekinggiftbag

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