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Dilly Bag-A-Long Finished

Finishing my version of Judy Newman’s Dilly Bag for the Dilly Bag-A-long hosted by Angie over at Gnomeangel.

I used a fairly thick iron on wadding for the body and the base, it is a bit stiff but I guess it will soften with use.


Stitching the base and top to the body of the bag was easy with the seam allowance left unstitched on the hexagons, see earlier blog for picture.

I had an idea to embellish the bag, I made tiny flowers out of ¼“ hexagons, and was going to embroider leaves in the black ‘background’ area, but when I put it together I liked it as it was.

Sometimes ‘less is more’, and the band aid on the thumb was also helping with the decision!


I made my own casing for the drawstring, using my 25mm bias maker and iron on hemming tape.

I put the bag together pretty much as the pattern instructed; with one exception, I deleted the inside pockets.

Instead of a knot I made a little ‘blossom’ for the ends of the draw string.

Cut 2 x 2½“ squares of fabric, depending on the thickness of your drawstring cord, mine was fairly thin. Fold in half and sew a 1/4″ seam, then fold the tube in half on itself, right side out.


Place the sewn tube over the ends of the drawstring cord as shown.  Raw edges face the ends of the drawstring. Some tape over the end of the cords may help if it is one that frays easily.sewing-blossom-tube-to-drawstring-ends

Fold the fabric around the drawstring and stitch either by hand or machine.  Sew about 1/4″ from the raw edges.

I stitched this on the machine, just took it slowly, any thicker and I would have stitched it by hand.


Trim away the hard centre of the cord.  Unravel the threads to get to it.  This makes for a fluffy blossom centre.

Pull the fabric tube down over the stitching and trim the end of the cord so the ends are level, or longer or shorter as you wish.



Finished bag … with a couple of the girls in the background, they’re doing a last minute run around for insects before they go away for the night.


Happy Finishing everyone, looking forward to seeing everyone’s version at the link party for the Dilly Bag-A-Long.



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