Finish Along 2018 Round 2

It’s time to declare our intended projects for the Finish Along 2018 Round 2.

  April has begin already, wait, what!

Yes I know we should have declared already but let’s get into it now, and create some focus for ourselves of a project or 2 for Round 2.

What’s our time-frame for Round 2

Round 2 April, May and June.

7-13th April- post declaration, 14th April – 25th June- post progress pictures, 25-30th June- post finished project pictures.

What do you need to do?

At the beginning of the Round we post a declaration of intent for the project/s we intend to finish in the Round. We will post a picture of our project or list of projects.  These can be posted on your Instagram account or in the thread in The Sunflower Garden group. Please use the hashtags #ssqfinishalong2018  #ssqfinishalong2018round1 (#ssqfinishalong2018round2 #ssqfinishalong2018round3 #ssqfinishalong2018round4) according to the dates.

You can now follow a hashtag on Instagram so you can see all the wonderful work that is being completed by our participants. #ssqfinishalong2018.

If you don’t use the hashtag I may not see your projects.

Need more info?

Check out the original Finish Along 2018 blog post with all the info you need.

This is the main post for Round 1

To Help You…

I have created a Project Sheet for you to use for each project so you can write out the actions you need to do to complete the project.

You can then tick them off when they’re done.

Be reasonable…

Consider your coming schedule before you decide on projects for Round 2.  Be realistic with what you can achieve. Much better to err on the side of declaring less and being more likely to achieve 100% completion.  I was a little over enthusiastic for Round 1 and then life got a tad crazy.  Sure I got things done but not all I had declared.

So, Will you join me for Round 2?  Let’s get some finishing happening!

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