Stitch-in events

Each month we hold an inperson event, we call them a Stitch-In. These events are designed to increase community, build friendships, encourage creativity and inspire everyone to keep plugging away at their craft, whatever that may be.

What craft can I do?

All crafts are welcome, though we do ask that they are portable hand work for most of the events. We’ve had crachet, knitting, EPP, quilting, colouring, poem writing, diamond dots to name just a few.

I like food

So do we and we enjoy a lovely afternoon tea, sometimes it’s healthy, sometimes it’s not, often it’s a combination.

A number of the friends who come have dietray restrictions so this is not a concern, I have found ways to manage this and also have a variety of options for everyone.

The table gets set really nice, let’s face it, I know the ladies are going to appreciate this more than my boys. I get to use my nice crockery and such, so it’s a win win situation.

What about some ‘real’ sewing?

Twice a year we hold an all day Stitch-In that allows for setting up of sewing machines, cutting tables and ironing stations. This means we can work on some larger projects and really get into a groove for the day.

These Sewing Days are held in June and November.

I need to prep..

Yep, so do we. So last year we started a Prep Day as well in January and this is coming up soon. Check out that image above, and click it to go to the event.

Prep Day is for those larger projects, we focus on having items prepared for the BOM’s and other longer term projects you might have coming up throug the year.

Hmm, I don’t live in Canberra?

Sorry about that. The goal of these are to actually see people. So whilst we may do some online events, which we did during the lockdown periods, I know there are so many who are now craving some real person contact.

If you are travelling, please do plan to join us if you are free when we have an event planned. I have listed all the events for this year below, just in case you can join us sometime.

Also… I want to encourage you to create your own Stitch-In event. If you are not local to SSQ (that’s us), or to a craft store with a community group, consider starting your own group.


Well, this is a consideration as we all have friends in far places. I guess I am considerate of the requirement of Zoom meetings and that many people are really over being online all day. If an online version would be of interest to you, you just want to chat with a long arm quilter or chitchat with other crafty types, then we can consider an online meet to craft together.

Dates for 2023

January 14 Prep Day 9.30am – 4.30pm

February 5th 1-4pm

March 12th 1-4pm

April 2nd 1-4pm

May 7th 1-4pm

June 3rd Sewing Day 9.30-4pm

July 2nd 1-4pm

August 6th 1-4pm

September 10th 1-4pm

October 8th 1-4pm

November 5th Sewing Day 9.30-4pm

December TBA, this one depends on how everyone’s schedule is going.

How do I join in?

Just respond ‘Going’ on the event and let me know via message if you have any dietray restrictions.

Coming from interstate or out of area? Please do message me, and don’t worry about timings so much, travel can be challenging and you can join me as I get things ready

There is a small cost for each event, this means I can really make sure the treats are edible for most friends.

Looking forward to a year of community and crafting with anyone who can join us each month.

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