Sewing Time Savers

Sewing Time Savers – Car Version


Do you find sitting in the car a waste of time? Do you usually have something to occupy your hands so you feel the time sitting has been productive? Or are you happy to watch the scenery go by?


I often keep some small tedious jobs ready to pick up and take with me in the car. Things like removing the paper from a FPP project, as you can see in my picture.

I’ve grabbed my small fabric basket to hold all the pieces so the car is not made messy. You can find this Fabric baskets pattern here, (good news this pattern is a gift)

So what else could you do in the car that can save you time in your sewing space?

  • removing EPP papers
  • basting EPP shapes, either glue or with needle and thread
  • cutting/seperating FPP sections
  • sewing buttons on
  • snipping chain pieced block sections
  • what else can you add to the list?

Other car occupations that I will also choose.

Crochet, basic embroidery, applique, occasionally computer work, I rarely knit so…

or I may grab my design book on the chance that inspiration strikes and I need to draw out a new design.

Here’s to no wasted time and busy hands. Makes the trip go faster right!?

Please note that I do often look up and watch the scenery as well. If we are driving a windy road this is especially true. If we are driving through an older town I will be looking at all the lovely buildings.

Hope your next car trip is useful to save you some time.

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