SSQ Secret Gift Exchange

What is it?

A secret gift exchange where a closed loop of friends commit to sending a surprise gift to one other person in the group. Some basic info about likes and dislikes is collected to help with gift ideas.

This is our second year holding our Secret Gift Exchange. We run this in our community group called The Sunflower Garden. A great way to ‘meet’ a new friend from around the world or around the country.

As of 2nd October 2019 the Sunflower Stitcheries and Quilting Secret Gift exchange partners have been emailed out to everyone who has joined.

Thank you to everyone who joined in this year. I hope you will enjoy the process of making or searching for a wonderful gift for your recipient. The process is not meant to cause stress or anxiety, but a fun way to brighten someone else’s Christmas with a thoughtful gift from you.

Did you miss out this year? Make sure to join us for the 2020 exchange.

The details:

Step 1. Be a member in The Sunflower Garden. The Secret Gift Exchange is restricted to members of our community group.
Step 2. Complete the Google Form to join the Secret Gift Exchange. The form is now closed for entries. Reopening in 2020.

Step 3. Wait for an email with your secret recipient’s name and address, and question responses. All partner information has now been emailed and your imaginations can start devising a wonderful gift.
Step 4. Make or purchase a small gift with your giftee in mind. We are keeping costs reasonable and as a guide recommend an amount around $10AUD. Postage is extra and we understand that international postage can be a bit steep. If you are making, then try keep your materials cost minimal. We all know the time you spend is worth much more.

Step 5. Mail to your secret recipient by the 9th December. This allows our international friends to receive their parcel before Christmas. Yes it does mean we might need to be strong! See next step. You can choose to remain anonymous or introduce yourself to your new friend.
Step 6. Eagerly await your gift in the mail, open and admire immediately or place under the tree if you can wait for Christmas Day! Do let your partner know the parcel has arrived, this will eliminate any stress about postage at a busy time of the year. You can do this by posting a picture in The Sunflower Garden of your parcel under the tree or open and being enjoyed. The choice is yours.

Step 7. Share and thank the sender in The Sunflower Garden so we can see your lovely gift and join in the celebrations (not a priority for Christmas Day). If you decide to wait until Christmas Day to open your parcel, please do express your thanks for your gift either by a post in the community group or a quick email. Step 8. Bonus step. Share a picture of you using your gift in the weeks after receiving it. Yep, we all want to see.

NB: your information is not stored long term and will never be passed on to advertising companies, it is purely for this event.

Sunflower Stitcheries and Quilting – Secret Gift Exchange 2020 will be open for entry in September 2020.

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