White Chocolate Fudge

Mmm Fudge…!!!  White Chocolate Fudge

Yes it’s yummy and no it’s not good for you.  Yes it’s easy to make and no it won’t last long. 

For the past few years I have not been able to enjoy milk chocolate, so this is a lovely treat for me, but I have to hide it from the lads in this house.

These are the ingredients:

2 cans of condensed milk

2 Cups firmly packed brown sugar

250grams of butter

1/3 Cup liquid glucose (the secret ingredient) apparently this makes for a smoother texture in the finished product.

1/4 Cup golden syrup

400 grams white chocolate broken into pieces

Grease and line a slab tin – 30cm x 25cm x 3cm.

How it’s done.

Put all the ingredients except the chocolate into a microwave safe bowl.  Cook on Med-High (70%) for 8-10 minutes stirring with a whisk every 2 minutes until boiling.

Cook on Med-High (70%) for 5-6 minutes stirring with a wooden spoon every minutes until thick and golden.  WATCH, do not leave to boil over.

Stand for 2 minutes until the bubbles subside then add the chocolate and mix with the spoon until combined and smooth.

White Choc fudge half size

Pour into the slab tin and smooth the top.  Stand at room temperature for 3 hours, then refrigerate overnight.  Cut into squares or fingers as desired.

Almost foolproof…

Now as we were on holidays when I made this I halved the recipe.  I was also using my friends microwave so I guessed the wattage as I couldn’t find it listed on her microwave.  I also slightly rushed and did not allow the bubbles to subside before adding the chocolate.  So I think its safe to say this white chocolate fudge recipe is fairly foolproof and easy to achieve a good result.

Origins of the recipe.

I must acknowledge this recipe is not my own and I got it from a friend and I don’t know where she got it from.  I also acknowledge that it tastes great and will be made again very soon and I will need to be strong and leave it for the kids.

Have fun making and enjoying, be strong if you need to. Let me know how your fudge turns out.


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  1. I have all those ingredients in my cupboard, my husband’s favourite is white chocolate and Father’s Day is approaching – I can see me making this in the very near future – thanks for the recipe.

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