apps that I use a lot

With these mini computers we carry with us, it’s great to be able to be in contact but sometimes it’s also less than ideal. Not just a phone but also a mini TV and game machine amonst other things.

Do you put your phone away when you are out for coffee, do you have it on silent, or in your bag, or are you on call most of the time and it’s always with you?

Do you appreciate that you can spend some mindless or mindful minutes when you are waiting for an appointment or sitting on the couch at the end of the day? I do but I can also get caught in a serious doom scroll session.

Google Drive – rates a mention. I love that we can download patterns and have them on a device that we can refer to easily. If we need to we can print just a few pages for the pattern part, but I like that my downloaded patterns can be in a digital file instead of in my sewing studio.

Apps I waste time on

  • Happy Colour – great for losing myself for a short time.
  • Words With Friends – a bit of a mental challenge
  • Social Media, let’s see – Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok are good for wasting time
  • Youtube – there are a few channels I watch each week, some quilting some gardening, some lifestyle.

Apps I use for SSQ, to share stuff and plan stuff

Have fun when you are online, and enjoy those coffee dates with friends when you are offline.

What’s your favourite app? Share with my in the comments

R xx

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  1. A couple of apps I use: Picture This (for plant identification)

    and Flight radar 24 (identifies planes in your area or anywhere in the world).

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