National Download Day

National Download Day was listed on a marketing calendar and what a perfect way to give you a couple of documents I have designed for you.

1. Birthday reminder page

I like to have a birthday calendar so I know who is coming up. It’s handy to have aroubd to write any new birthdays on as I hear about them. I am not the best at remembering birthday’s which is why I created this document

2. recipe sharing

The next file I have for you is a nice way to share a recipe with friends. You know those recipes that guests rave over and want to know how to recreate it themselves. I hope this helps.

3. Let’s get projects done

The last download I have for you is to help with getting things completed and remind you that you are invited to join in with Project: Done. Let’s make progress on our projects and get them done.

Have fun everyone, let me know what recipe you get asked for, what projects you are hoping to complete, and FYI my birthday is 24th Sept.


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