Favourite Tools in my Studio

How to narrow this down the list of favourite tools was the challenge? I have a few that I use every day so I have shared about these.

Goods snips or scissors

These ones are for my quilting machine, I only have blunt ended scissors near a quilt.

A seam ripper

Yep, these are a must have in any sewing area. These ones have a set of tweezers at the other end.

Marking pen

The Styla blue marking pen is from Sewline and has a nice fine tip. It’s good for the minimal marking I like to do. It is water erasable.

Rotary Cutter

I could not survive without this. A good comfortable design and and sharp blade.

Pin Bowl

My pin bowl came with my longarm machine and has a really strong magnet in the base. I think these pins are called corsage pins. I know they are long and really sharp. I have stuck myself numerous times.

Cutting mat and ruler

I don’t think there is a sewing room without these 2 things. I am very thankful for their invention and they are also used pretty much every day.

Wide base and ruler

These tools are on the longarm and they are the wide base and ruler which allows me to do ruler work on a quilt. The wide base goes under the quilt and I use the ruler on top.

Yes mine has some extra screws as I dropped it a few years ago and it cracked. My Dad was able to help me by fixing a plate underneath the break.

Over to you?

Do you have a tool in your sewing arsenal that you would really struggle without? Tell me in the comments.

See you tomorrow.


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