SSQ Finish along 2022 – declaration week

Woohoo! the year has begun. Welcome to the Declaration Week for our Finish Along 2022.

Have a browse through your WIP’s, UFO’s and planned projects and decide what you would like to focus on for the next 3mths to the end of March 2022.

You can choose to finish a project completely or up to a certain stage. Maybe you want to sew all the block for a larger project, maybe get the blocks put together into a flimsy (unfinished quilt top), or maybe you plan to complete the whole project.

Work out what equipment or supplies you need to complete the project, perhaps this is why it stalled. Order on-line or go visit your local quilting or craft shop so you can keep progressing.

Now think about the steps to complete the project. Break them down into smaller sections which I find less overwhelming.

Forward motion is always good, even if the steps are small.

Having chosen your focus projects, review your calendar and any other major time frames and make sure you have been realistic in your expectations. Why do I suggest this? I am notorious for thinking there are more hours in my day than are really available, so I am totally checking my project goals for realism, much better to achieve a lesser amount than get frustrated at your lack of time.

Sharing your posts

Declaration posts are where you share publicly what you are going to work on. You essentially declare that you are going to do your utmost to complete the projects to a particular stage, partial or completely finished.

Take a picture of all of the projects or one pic per project and add them all to your post.

We’d love to see your projects and can find them if you use any of the following hashtags.

#ssqfinishalong #ssqfal2022

You can tag me if you like @sunflowerquilting on Instagram, or @Sunflower Stitcheries and Quilting on Facebook. Please do follow the hashtag and cheer on the others as well.

You can also share in our Facebook Community Group The Sunflower Garden. This is where we can hang out with other creative types.

Want to know more about the Finish Along?

Check out this post which has all the info you need. It also has the link to handy project sheet and planner for the year.

Let’s get finishing!

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