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We all have them, the projects that get delayed for various reasons; a shiny new project, a rush project for a gift, health, family, life… they become the Unfinished Objects. Hence we have UFOvember.

For whatever reason the project didn’t get done, it’s time to take stock and have another look at it. What do you need to do to complete the project?

Let’s make a list:

  • What stage of the project are you up to?
  • What steps are required to complete it?
  • Do you have the materials needed?
  • Do you have all the skills you need, or do they need a brush up?
  • Are you still in love with this project?
  • Does it need to be completed by you?
  • Could it become something else?

You’ve invested you time and money into the project, so we don’t want to throw it away completely. It is in fact a perfect time to dust off those UFOs and help them back on their journey to completion especially if they are intended as gifts.

Welcome to the 2nd edition of UFOvember! During November, you’re invited to review your orphan projects and decide whether to Resume work on them as planned, Rework them with an alternate ending, or Rehome them to another crafter who will love them to the finish.

So, my Resume Project is:

My sepia toned version of ‘Remember Them’ Quilt.

Where I left it…

This was started back when this pattern ‘Remember Them’ was released and it got to the point of being the quilt top.

It needed quilting and binding to be done, so I decided on a quilting design, poppies of course. I chose a biscuit coloured thread to match the background which shows really nicely on the corners and the backing.

Also the thread from a distance doesn’t show on the red poppies, but is visible up close and I was really pleased with where the pattern falls on the flowers. One of the things I like about pantographs. Check this out…

So once the quilting was done, the binding is the 2nd last thing, the last thing being a quilt label, and this is yet to be added to the back corner.

On the corner the thread shows up really well also, and I love the quilting design…

You can see more in my video on YouTube called Quilting my ‘Remember Them’ quilt. It’s so good to have this one done and off the UFO list.

1 UFO down, more to go… so I have some projects for my summer holidays.

Once you have made your list of UFO’s and decided what you are going to do with them I hope you tackle them one by one as I plan to do. I also invite you to join me throughout the year in the Sunflower Stitcheries and Quilting Finish Along which we run each year.

Feel free to share all about your UFOs using #ufovember and #ufovember2021!

Check out all the other UFOvember bloggers, for inspiration on getting your UFOs DONE!

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