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Marsupials and Monotremes Blog Tour

Australian animals…

on fabric in gorgeous colours. Really what’s not to like about Amanda’s fabric designs. I love that the animals are true to form and not cutesy or babyish. I love the colours Amanda chooses. They are reflective of the colours we have in our landscape and just a bit different to what might be expected.

One of my pleasures as a quilter and maker is to be able to work with a fabric designer and make something specifically for their fabric to show off the versatility of the designs and colours. Thanks Amanda and Kennard & Kennard for the opportunity.

pile of fabic with a vase and plant.
photo courtesy of Kennard and Kennard

What do I make?…

This is the challenge, how can I showcase these prints and make an interesting project. The mind goes into overdrive and then I need to curb my imagination based on the timeframe I have.

So what I have created is a lap sized quilt with a graduating background, meant to represent our beautiful sunsets and then the landscape with wombats and echidnas and a creek at the bottom with the platypus.

Over top of this are a series of Dresden plates in an arrow arrangement. These are like the many bright stars in our sky and I really just wanted to include them. In future editions I may increase the size of the dresdens but I like this arrangement for now.

You can find the pattern for this quilt design on the website soon

whole quilt hanging from a clothline

The details

This quilt is a 10 x 10 arrangement of blocks. This makes it a great lap size for my growing lads. I’m keen to make some new lounge quilts for us, this is the start.

There are 15 small Dresden plates in 5 of the fabric designs and these are randomly placed so they show against the other colours, the Dresden plates are arranged in an arrow. I fussy cut the centre of 3 of them using the echidna fabric.

I used raw edge applique in the centres but they can be completed the traditional way. My Dresden plates were attached by quilting, saving me the step of sewing them down then quilting as well. The benefits of a longarm!

I quilted wavy lines horizontally for most of the quilt, with a diagonal wavy line reaching between the dresdens in the same style. The quilting is not the feature so really just supports the gorgeous fabric.

aqua dresden plate up close
dresden plate with fussy cut echidna centre piece

What else did we make…

I had a small amount of fabric left over and so I have created a few fabric baskets, the fabric coordinates so well and these would make excellent gifts. You can find the instructions for these baskets on our website.


To be gifted one of these baskets, or another that I am yet to finish, follow me on Facebook or Instagram and leave a comment there or here. Instagram or Facebook. I will let you all know on the 8th Feb who the recipients will be.

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