Who are we?

We are Sunflower Quilting and Sunflower Stitcheries, a couple of crafty types who are also Mum and daughter.

Our business is a combination of longarm quilting service, patchwork pattern design, embroidery pattern design, fabric and notions. We’re hoping to share our knowledge with you here on our blog and also via some YouTube videos.


This is one of my favourite pics of us from a professional photo session a few years ago. The only difference now is my hair is longer and Mum’s is shorter, and we’re both a couple of years older.

So why am I introducing us again?

A bit of a challenge that’s why.

Wanna see more? I’m aiming to share a bit each day during December and using Cheryl’s prompts, though I may deviate a bit on occasion.


There are a quite a lovely blogs to visit and hear all about what people are up to.

Check out all the blogs, they’ll be listed HERE.

Come back and see what else we have to share, especially the prompts that are of special interest to you.



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