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Do you get bright shiny object syndrome like I do sometimes? This leads to PHD’s and UFO’s and long term WIP’s. (if you are struggling with the acronyms, read on…)

All the patterns, all the gorgeous fabric, do all the things. Then do the next thing, finish it later. Well, it’s later. Let’s assess what we’ve got and what we’re going to do.

Decision Time

I have had a great time looking through my shelves and relocating my UFO’s and making a decision about them. Will I finish this one, really, will I really finish it? If it’s a yep, then let’s consider the up coming time and when might I schedule that in, even if it’s only scheduled in my head but better if I have it written on the calendar. As a longarm quilter my own quilts are often the last in the pile to be quilted. Maybe it’s time to put mine in the schedule too.

Wanna see some UFO’s that I found? I will also explain my decisions about them.

Name Tags for Reusable Gift Bags

I stitched these earlier in the year and sewed them a few months ago. Now I need to topstitch and put the eyelets on them and they are done and ready for this Christmas. My problem is that I have misplaced (lost) the second part of the tool that is needed to secure the eyelet.

Decision – Resume, possibly buy another eyelet set so I have the tool. I do plan to stitch more so they will be used eventually.

Time frame for completion – before I finish Christmas making/shopping, this year!

Remember Them quilt

This is my sepia version of our Remember Them quilt. I wanted to have this one quilted in time for Remembrance Day but alas it was not done. I have a great poppy pantograph that will be going on this quilt. This is a fusible applique pattern with gorgeous feature poppy flowers.

Decision – Resume and add to the quilting schedule for February 2021.

Timeframe for completion – Before April 25th 2021. This is ANZAC Day in Australia.

AG Trinket SAL blocks

Yay I found them, I do really like these still. They all have the paper still attached so I have put the container near my door to take inside and put in the car. I find this kind of job makes a car trip go faster. What they will make up to be is yet to be determined.

Decision – Resume, remove papers during car trips or while watching TV.

Time frame for completion – considering construction during my down time in January so the papers need to come off quite soon.

Dressing Gown

Oh my goodness friends, this project really just needs to get done. I have not had a dressing gown for 3 winters now. Have I managed yes, but… a cuddly dressing gown during the cold Canberra winters is such a blessing. My plan for this one is to make a double layer gown. The polar fleece is the outer layer and the fox print flannel is the inner layer. Then I thought I could use some Kam snaps to hold it together as a double layer for use during the coldest weeks. Then I can either use the other layers individually in the ‘warmer’ months.

Decision – Resume, yes I still want this. I am a cold frog!

Timeframe for completion – Before next winter. Might add this to the January schedule whilst I am not quilting. Also then it’s not a last minute finish.

Sand Crabs quilt

I started the sew along with Jen from Faith and Fabric and would like to make more of these crabs. They are good to use up scrappy bits of fabric. This is a longer term WIP. My goal is to give them all red eyes, no matter what colour the crab is.

Decision – Resume, accepting this is a long term project. This is important to note mentally.

Time frame for completion – No set time, which is good for my stress level.

#100days100blocks2019 quilt

This one is still sitting around from last year and I would like to get it finished. I love this quilt, I love the fabric, it has red in it, and bees. I have a pantograph all picked out, and I can’t wait to use this quilt. Just for fun, this quilt is for me!

Decision – Resume. Definitely keep. It’s red, it’s mine!

Time frame for completion – Before winter 2021 (that’s June for us in Australia). This can be my lounge quilt. Add to the quilting schedule for early next year. Bind straight away after.

HST leftovers

Friends I have boys, and the youngest is now 13yo. I have no need for ballerina pink HST. I think these are the remains of a quilt I made for a girlfriends daughter. I actually no longer remember.

The other HST are from… … … you know what, no idea.

I have nothing against HST, they’re great but these blocks are just taking up room in my studio and my memory. I don’t need them

Decision – rehome. Someone else can make use of these fabrics and blocks.

Time frame – offer these in my community group and see if there is a taker there. Do this asap.


So if you are not familiar with the acronyms I have used let me clarify.

  • UFO – unfinished object
  • WIP – work in progress
  • PHD – project half done
  • HST – half square triangle
  • SAL – sew along, could also be a QAL – quilt along.

Your turn

This month a whole swag of bloggers are joining in with Geeky Bobbin for UFOvember and sharing their projects and what they plan to do with them. Remember the options, resume, rework, rehome.

Have a think about your UFO’s and what your plans are. Do you still like the project, love it, or have lost any affection for it?

We are a busy bunch of crafters

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Need some more encouragement?

In 2021 we will be reviving the Finish Along. You can read about how this works in this blog post.

I’ve created some helpful project sheets for the Finish Along, you might find them useful for your UFO’s and planning for 2021

I’d love to have you join us in 2021 as we get some UFO’s completed and able to be enjoyed.

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