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if you’d like to win a book, read through to the end.

A couple of years ago a lovely creative friend decided to write a book. Yay, Go Angie! The process was interesting watch from the sidelines and I leaned a lot, and I have a newfound appreciation for all that goes into writing a book, let alone a quilting/craft book.

The projects, the planning, the words, the long days (or nights) writing paragraphs of information that all make up the most excellent resource that is now available.  You should see the pages of great info Angie has included for you all. It’s like she dumped her brain into this book.

I was excited!

So when some of the projects in Angie’s book were in construction phase and I was asked to quilt them, this was a little scary and exciting all at the same time. This is going into a book, that’s being published!!! and lots of people will see…  It better be good, (my quilting that is). However the beauty of the projects are that the quilting is really a backup accessory to the fantastic fabric choices and designs that show them off.


It was HARD, really hard during the quilting phase, as I could not share any pictures on social media, I had to keep all the lovely pictures and details off the internet, they were going in a BOOK!  Can you tell I’m pretty excited that this book is here?!

Fussy Cutters Club Blog Hop Tour

So what am I going to share with you all about this book?  Well I am proud to say that about half of the projects are quilted by me in collaboration with Angie. See what a great relationship between designer and quilter can achieve. More to the point, see what can be achieved with great designs and a bit of quilting.

Focal-on-point-quilt-behind-couchWhich Quilt is my Favourite?

The Focal (On) Point Quilt is probably a favourite, maybe because it has some gorgeous negative space for a bit of texture from the quilting. The fabric choices in this quilt mean that what I quilted on the coloured squares was not going to be as noticeable as the white areas.  So I wanted a design that could easily be replicated in each of the squares and then also made to suit the centre square in the alternate blocks. This is a continuous swirl that alternates sides but is overall fairly simple. Remember this isn’t what you see first. This was the quilting that was completed last, after the white and border design.

What’s my process?

When I custom quilt I like to stabilize a quilt top so it’s not going to move or warp, then I can roll the quilt back and forth on the quilting frame as I need to and complete the sections in a logical order. So this quilt was SID (stitch in the ditch) around all the main squares to stabilize it, then the framing could happen.  The framing is those lines that we call piano keys in all the white borders, stunningly simple and so effective in framing the prints. This kind of quilting though is all done using rulers and is quite time expensive, but worth it for the look we were after. The texture created by a repeat pattern means it is there and is a feature but can also become a secondary feature to the star which is the fabric. Did I contradict myself, maybe but I think it does both.

In the large white setting triangles I wanted to break up the area a little so have added a section in a different colour thread. Not a huge contrast but it is the same thread colour that was used on the feature fabric squares. This replicates the piecing of the rest of the quilt. I like the finished effect as it adds just a little bit of colour but does not overpower the features of the quilt.

Where can you find this book?

You can purchase the book from C&T Publishing or direct from Angie’s website where she has a fabulous deal for you.

Want to get involved?

Angie has a few places you can get involved if fussy cutting is appealing to you. There is the Fussy Cutters Club international Swap which will be starting very soon, the Facebook group, and you can find out more about Angie on her website.

Want to win a copy of The Fussy Cutters Club?

Angie has kindly donated a copy of her book for a prize for me to give away. If in Australia then the winner will receive an eBook, or in the US a copy will be mailed to you.  Entry closes on the 8th November 2017 at 7pm AEDT (Sydney)

***  To be eligible for the prize please follow me on the social media platform of your choice that I am on, and leave me a comment here on the blog and mention your favourite type of quilting and why you fussy cut?  ***

                 You can find me on Facebook and Instagram

Thanks to C&T Publishing for the photos used in this post.

Now the book is launched and we can see the gorgeous projects Angie has created there have been a lovely group of bloggers who have made some of the projects in the book and shared on their blogs about the making of, you can find those blog posts in the following places;

Are you in already?

If you have the book already, shout it out!!  What are you making from Angie’s book, there are 14 fabulous projects to choose from.  What’s your favourite?

If you are keen to have me quilt your project, I’m happy to talk to you about making that happen. (Insert cheeky smiley face)


Lastly I want to shout a huge CONGRATULATIONS TO ANGIE!



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  1. I love all types of quilting! I fussy cut to show off the fabric designs!

  2. Friends, the commenting is causing issues, please go to the post on Instagram or Facebook and leave me a comment there to be eligible for the prize.

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